Istanbul. Public space means : produce and share!

In the Komsu Kafe, people dream about another society, that would be a network of places like this one. A network of souls, that would try to create better everyday life and opportunities for communities. Those communities are composed of international migrants or students and of carefull inhabitants of Istanbul and Kadiköy. This place is again a place of hope. Istanbul can continue to dream.

Tbilissi. Can museum become the new breath for the city?

In this freshly painted walls and thanks to the engagement of a careful new generation, a future for the museums of Tbilissi seems to be possible. This city has been destroying part of its heritage in the last decades, inventing new ways of restoring heritage. The development of the museums shows a research to turn today a positive face to the culture in Tbilisi. Can the museums become new public spaces for Tbilissi? The doors are open, let’s hope the space will be used.