Valeri is a young Bulgarian architect. He studied architecture in Stuttgart (Germany) until 2008. After working in an architecture office in Sofia, he founded the association Transformatori with former colleagues and friends.

IMG_7375 (2)

The crisis in Bulgaria was starting and the young architects needed processes of change. That’s why they chose the name ‘Transformatori’ to change themselves and also the things around them. The team was composed of six young architects and they started by talking and sharing time together, in flats or in coffee places.

The NGO has been existing for a few years and the team manages to be active in Sofia with differents kind of projects : « We don’t hire people or enterprises, we do the job by ourselves and we find people to work for us. » They enjoy a  good network of NGOs, associations, artists and social workers in Sofia, and a good reputation at the Municipality as well. With the candidature of the city to become a European Capital of Culture, it seems that Valeri and the Transformatori will have opportunities to realize their creative ideas.

Their design is innovative and offers divers forms of appearance in the city. From immaterial advertisement in the city, lightening systems, reuse of materials to the renovation of city structures, transformatori find their inspiration at every corner of the city. The city Valeri wishes for the future is a city for pedestrians and public transportation, hopefully a city with space for transformations of public spaces.

For further informations : http://transformatori.net/

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