Good morning Istanbul, June 3rd 2014!

6:30 am on the harbour Karaköy, a bit dizzy from the trip, fascinated by the landscape of a huge city along the Bosphorus, the sea..
In a short time of 3-4 hours in the neighbourhood we could see actors of the public space in charge of several tasks, considering they welcomed us as foreigners guests, offering the tea, they were selling also “semiti”, these delicious sesam ring-breads, they were fishing in the harbour, probably to sell the fish, they were also throwing away the garbage accumulated during the night, taking care of the garden nearby the restaurant, cleaning up the terasse, preparing the tables..
In parallel, in this very small area of the harbour, arrived some people from any other part of the city by the ferry, to spread again on this part. Some of them run to job or to school, some stop in a coffee, some of them just stay a while in front of the sea and smoke a cigarette before going slowly to start their day.


Picture made by Susanne Ernst


Movement, stagnation, inter-actions, actions, this city is warming up for a new day….or is it ever starting, by the way? Isn’t it a continuous starting of dynamic, without any end?


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