Eur-open spaces : moving laboratory of public spaces through Europe

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The aim of our project is to avoid the use of airplanes and to travel by land to the third part of the summer university in Tbilisi in June. This journey is supposed to be a collective experience to get in touch with unknown cities on our way and to discuss and reflect on our different perceptions.

While on the road, we expect to be able to discover how cities in Western Europe differ from cities in Central and Eastern Europe. We’re particularly interested in the social and political changes that have taken place in the past 20 years after the downfall of the Soviet Regime. How did this influence the landscape? We are interested in public spaces, too. How do their conception and use differ from those we know from our cities?

As far as the journey itself is concerned, we chose to watch the country passing by under our eyes instead of merely flying over it. The route was chosen to develop a notion of distances and the expansiveness of the European continent, to experience its varieties with our own body. The effect of travelling slowly is an experiment in order to better internalize landscapes and cultures. With its imperative acceleration and especially its facilitated transportation, globalization takes a heavy toll on both our interpersonal relationships and the environment. We want to become more conscious of this fact. This way we mean to get a deeper knowledge of what European identity, in its unity and its diversity, really means.



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