School of urban practisesPhotos by Susanne Ernst and Cécile Mattoug

Initiator of the School of urban practises, the professor from the Belgrade’s Faculty of Architecture, Ivan Kucina oppenned the doors of the place on the Crnagorska 5, Savamala, neglected neighborhood in the center of Belgrade. In this Urban Incubator workshop, students from the faculty of architecture from Belgrade, they learn concretely new methods of urban development. The Urban Incubator, project funded by the Goether Institute Belgrade last year, empowered this cultural and social movement that has started to change Savamala since 2011.

IMG_6836   IMG_6842

Instead of staying in the cozyness of the university working spaces, students are initiated to participatory processes with the citizens’association ‘Savamala’ to design and built installations on public space. The opinion of the future users played a central role in the modification of the first project. Today, the students are building five different designed objects that will find their place on the river banks of the Sava : that is the spirit of the ‘Urban Cooks’. Project’s details will be presented during the Festival, at the Mikser House between the 5th an the 7th of june. The project is being developped in collaboration with the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research from Skopje (Macedonia) and Basurama (Madrid). Young architects are involved in the project, but the inhabitants as well.

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